There was a huge fuss and kerfuffle in the media a couple of weeks ago when astronomers announced the discovery of seven – yes, seven – planets around a star called TRAPPIST-1. What was even more exciting than the number of planets found was the size of the planets – they are all r0ughly the same size as Earth. But what was even more exiting still was the discovery that three of the seven planets lie in the star’s “habitable zone” – the area around it where conditions might be favourable for life.

I’m sure you want to see this now famous star – but I’m sorry, you can’t. Well, not easily anyway. And there’s a lot more to this story than the hyped sensationalist clickbait the media were putting out. If you want to know more about TRAPPIST-1 and its alien solar system I’ve written about it at length over on one of my other blogs…


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